Meet The Bands: The Mangroves

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

The Mangroves, a band with two drummers and a continuously evolving sound, is one of Lyndon State College’s most well known bands.

Drummer, Dylan Allwine, bassist and vocalist, Austin Beveridge and guitarist and vocalist, Mike Marzerka conceived the band during their freshman year at Lyndon State College. The three grew up near each other and all went to highschool together. Allwine and Beveridge began playing together during that time in their school’s jazz band.

In the early stages they hurried to write songs so they could get booked quickly.

These days, The Mangroves develop their music in a few different ways. One of which is by just jamming and when something they play sounds good they will build off of it. Similarly, if a member of the band has something that they like, the rest of the band will try and build off it until they have a song… or not.

The Mangrove’s sound is one that is hard to put a finger on, but they consider it “funk with and edge”. The biggest influence on their sound is their experimentation. They are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to develop their sound.

These developments lead them to Ian MacGregor. MacGregor joined the band last year after an experimental jam session with two drummers on separate drum sets. Since then they have been experimenting with a keyboard, so be on the lookout for that.

The Mangroves have played throughout Vermont, and have traveled as far as Cape Cod and the Tip of Maine. But, their favorite venue is Big Jays Tavern in Montgomery, Vermont. The band likes the atmosphere of the room and hospitality that they get from the owner.       

After being a band for three years, The Mangroves have written a long list of songs. Their favorite of which is, Love in Queens.

But their own music is not the only thing they have favorites for; they also have a favorite campus band. That band is their friends and neighbors The Bonnets. That being said they, do enjoy the other bands on campus.

The Mangroves say that the thing that keeps them together is their friendship, because they are always coming up with something new they never get bored with what they are playing.

The original three band members, Allwine, Beveridge and Marzerka have the same birthday of May 16th.

The Mangroves hope to keep the band going and to continue to spread their sound after they graduate, but they still each have a backup plan just in case they do not become international rock stars.

If you want to find out more about the band look for The Mangroves on Facebook, and if you want to hear some of their music they can be found by searching The Mangroves on SoundCloud.