SGA Round Up January 20 2016

By: Joseph Gluck, Staff Writer

The SGA General assembly met for the first time this semester on Wednesday, January 20.

Joe Cioffi presented his financial update. $1,000 was allocated to the outing club for a speaker. The Peer Leaders were allotted $638 for a conference. Rugby’s request for a reallocation of funds was also approved.

Cioffi reminded the assembly that budgets for next year were due on March 4 at 4p.m.. Budgets will be cut to fit into a maximum number.

Meredith Atchison then introduced the leadership conference that will be held on February sixth.

ASSIST presented a funding request for the third annual Color Run. The club asked for $3,900 to buy dye and shirts. The request was approved.

Next, the Student Investment Club requested to be reinstated. The club has been disbanded twice in the last five years. The stated goal is to build a portfolio with funds provided by the Lyndon State Foundation and community donors. Any money made over the principle will be rolled over into to the foundation, as the club cannot retain any funds. The assembly voted to reinstate the club.

Sarah Burnett presented updates for spring weekend. The planning committee will meet on non-SGA Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in the SALC office.

Additionally, a logo contest has been established. The deadline for submissions is February first.

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