Game Review: Dont Starve

By: Lyndon Gaming Community

There are quite a few survival games out there. You got games like Minecraft, Fallout and Skyrim. All of them are unique in their own way, but there is always one particular game that never seems to make it into the picture. That game would be Don’t Starve.

I will not lie, I did not get into the game until I actually saw someone on YouTube play it. I saw how fun it was watching, so I thought I would give it a shot and it definitely was not a waste. It is quite a challenging game, however, it is also very fun. You essentially wake up in a world that you do not know being told to survive by some tall man in a suit. Rude awakening, huh?

The game essentially requires that you survive by eating fruits, vegetables and animals, as well as being able to survive any hostile creatures that can be found in the world. You can grow your own berries, vegetables and also trap your own food. But not starving is not the only huge challenge. In order to obtain better inventory items and tools, you must seek out materials in order to create simplistic machines. Materials like gold, silk, living logs and gems are rare, yet valuable, items you will need in order to improve your chances of survival. Oh, and remember there are seasons. If you do not gather the proper resources in time for winter, well, you will probably freeze to death.

One of the things about this game that always gets me are the simplistic visuals and character sounds. It really looks like everything is drawn, albeit, pretty well, including your character. All your characters seem to be pencil sketches and have voices of certain instruments. For example, your second unlockable character, Willow, has the voice of a flute. It actually does add some entertainment value hearing your character sound like an instrument when talking.

In the most recent versions of the game, your objective is more than surviving but also to seek the one who put you in the situation in the first place. You must find a portal somewhere in your world in order to take you into adventure where you have to fight through five separate worlds to reach the mastermind of it all. However, I will not spoil it.  

One more useful thing to know is that you can find these “things” scattered around the world. If you find them all, you can make a portal to a fresh, new map to start new on in case you are getting tired of your current world. Always a plus in my eyes.  

Don’t Starve offers challenging, yet fun and entertaining gameplay. It looks simple yet provides you with a lot to do and explore. Remember, stay away from Beefalo with red butts, stay in the light at all times and, most of all, don’t starve!!!!

LGC Rating: 9/10