Chinese Students / Special Issue

The Adventure in America: Adventure On The Way

By:Dong Sifan (Linda)

I’ve never imagined we would missed the flight to America. Thanks to the great airline, they gave us a unique experience.

There is no air route to America from Xi’an .So, we have to fly to Shanghai first, and then to America. Miranda, Winnie, Alice and I were on the same flight. We all received a message from the airline one hour before the plane took off. It said the flight was canceled. We thought it was a fraudulent message at the beginning. So we were shocked when the airline staff told us the flight was canceled indeed. We were angry and worried, but we were given no choice. They endorsed our tickets. The original flight would took off at 11o’clock, so we had plenty time to catch the next flight to America. But the flight they changed for us took off at o’clock. Unfortunately, we were 5 minutes late for the next flight. Four poor girls were forced to separate from their group. Miranda said she is easy to get angry, but at that time anger was useless. She had to accept the fact. We kept calling the airline to figure out the problem. At last, we paid the extra money to endorse the tickets again, but it was the best way we could find.

Luckily, the next day’s flight was on time. When I sat on my seat, fastened my seat belt, I was thinking about everything is done. But, what was beyond my imagination, was it may just be the beginning of our “suffering”.

We planned to visit New York on the first weekend. We were all excited and couldn’t wait to go. But, the bad news came again. Because of the weather, our flight to New York canceled again. But, once again, we had no time to be sad. We arrived at the airport at about 2 o’clock. But, the flight we have changed kept delaying. We waited at the airport for several hours. This canceled flight, however, recovered. What a miracle! Enzo said the canceled flight recovered was hard to make happen. Can we say we are lucky? Finally, we get the recovered flight to New York .

We met the snowstorm on Saturday. I promise it was the heaviest snow I’ve ever met in my life. It was really hard to walk in the snowstorm. You could easily to become a “snowman”.  Winnie said the scenes were just like those in the science fiction called The Day After Tomorrow .  I was not surprised when I know our flight on Sunday back to Burlington was canceled because of the snowstorm. We were stuck in the snow. But there still were some optimistic people. Kiki felt happy because she had more time for hanging out. Everyone thought we might leave on Monday, but the flight delayed again. Maybe it sounds really funny now, but it was really suffer at that time.

Then we decided to take the train to New Heaven, then Meaghan and Brett would pick us up at the train station.

We arrived at New Heaven at evening. Everyone was tired. We slept on the bench waiting for Meaghan and Brett. It was the first time for almost everyone to sleep on t bench in the train station. In the end, we were “rescued” by the two heroes. Lyndon is far away from the train station. But they decided to pick up us without hesitation and complaint. Thanks those great people who help us every time when we are in trouble. Our appreciation is beyond words.

“Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Travel is always full of unknown. Maybe everything you have experienced is the meaning of the journey.