Chinese Students / Special Issue

The Adventure in America: The Outdoor Activities

By: Yuan ziqi (Kiki)

When talking about the adventure in America, one of the best experiences for us is skiing in Burke Mountain with Meaghan, Brett, Victoria and Taylor. It’s the first time for many of us to ski and we had so much fun.

“In the beginning, it’s very hard to control but after some training I can’t believe I got it!”, Said Ella.

Jane and Winnie is the best skier that day, because they learned quickly and controlled the ski very well, and they went to the higher slope for more fun. Winnie said she can roller skating for a long time, and she thinks there are many commons between skiing and roller skating, so it’s not difficult for her to ski. Jane gave a high appraisal to the facility, the coach and the snow. “The ski resort has many differences from China’s, and this place is prefect!”, Said Jane.

Expect skinning, Kiki, Joy and Enzo who living in Ben’s home also have been to many adventures, such as sliding, rock climbing and skating. They both think the best part is sliding. Joe said she was very fear at first because of the high slope, but when she slid down, she found it’s not dangerous but very interesting. Joy is not very good at rock climbing and skating but she also like it very much, because these are totally new experiences for her. “I love try new things!”, Said Joy.

Miranda and Linda also join the rock climbing and skating. Miranda hurt her ankle 2 weeks ago, but she also did very well in these adventures. She said, if she didn’t go, she will be very regress when come back to China.

Mr. Ben, one of the host families said why he take them to do many adventures is because he want to let them have something to remember when they come back to China, and made this trip important and amazing.

Kiki said she only wants to say Thank you to Ben, Meaghan and all nice person in Lyndon!