Untitled 34

By: Richmond Jimah

Supreme hearts with hollow bodies

searching through the day finding nothing but troubles

there is love in the air but not a single dove in the sky

as I fall deep into your eyes all I can reach is for your skyline

you have taken my heart but it fits so well in with your belongings

Darling are you there? I think I’m falling, falling

not in love but falling out of love

The sky is grey and this sorbet is tasteful

I kiss your pomegranate lips and I realized that your love is tasteless

Here is the chemicals you ordered

Nothing will save you says the doctor

don’t rot away my dear for here comes the morning

Darling are you there? I think I‘m dying, dying

not 6 feet under but dying to hold you


I love you but do you love me?

I’m not sure so I will love myself for you