Chinese Students / Special Issue

What We Learned From News7

By: Winnie Wang, Miranda, Ella Zhang

To be honest, it was weird, at the beginning, to join News7. We had no idea about the whole new process and did not know how to get along with them due to the disparate cultures. Thanks to many great people we came across who are friendly and patient with us, like Abbey Greene, Alexa Richard and Dom Amato, we got involved gradually. We felt really comfortable being with them. Meanwhile, we also learned many things from them.

Be professional in every aspect

We saw so many professional journalists here. There is so much equipment that we have never seen in XISU. But the most amazing thing isn’t the equipment, it is that everyone can operate on machines with skill.

Whether they are a VJ, director, producer, anchor or reporter, every student knows the whole process of producing newscasts. They have become professional in the college, and they don’t need to be professional in society.

Students in LSC act more like journalists not students, but we do look like students. Rules existed in small aspects to make students be more professional. There are so many things we can learn from here, and then apply them at XISU — like, we don’t have a professional page, and we usually don’t wear formal suits during interviews.

When the students in News 7 get the information about the news, they will go straight for it, no matter when. When they are editing, they will calculate quickly. When they are writing the stories, they will pay attention to very detailed information, such as some bolded words. When they are on the show, they won’t lose their nerves.

That is exactly the attitude and level of a real journalism studio, always professional and careful.

Everyone is involved and works hard

We have followed more than 5 people in News7, and they all work very hard. Compared with XISU, students here are more concerned on the work that needs to be done. Victor Mwangi, a News 7 reporter, said he gets so many practices in News7, and the work has a direct connection with his grades, and that’s the reason.

At XISU, with student media there is no connection between the work completed and your grades.

News7 is also a theater, and the television is the stage. Everyone here is on their own stage. They show their responsibility and passion through their own part, they want to show the best on the stage, and they do enjoy paying efforts to. But is not a one-act play, it’s a chorus.

The students also cooperate. They also have work in teamwork to build their tacit understanding between each other. They also wait outside and support their fellows in silence. They also have an encouragement meeting when the show is over and take a bow to answer a curtain call together.

Don’t afraid of mistakes

Though the atmosphere here is professional, it’s not boring. Instead, I found it very relaxing and comfortable, just like a living room.

Students here are not afraid of making mistakes. Actually, we saw some faults during the broadcasting the first week. But no one should be blamed because that’s a part of learning. What’s most inspiring us is that everyone has strong passion that keep everyone stick on producing news.

Students here also can exchange ideas freely, there is no boss, and the producer would even listen to different ideas to show a story, not deciding by himself. And there are not very strict rules, students can even draw on News7 Pre-Production Request form as if it could make sense. In the kind of free “living room”, they run News7 creatively and actively.