Forgotten Chapter 3

By: Kelbie Biron, Staff Writer

The songs of many birds flittered through a hole in the cabin.  These sounds penetrated the slumber of Maddox.  He opened his eyes only to squint them, for the sun was shining very brightly.  Maddox did a double take, there was a large hole gouged into the side of the plane between them and the cockpit.

Maddox looked at Harold sitting next to him and started to nudge.  Harold, being the deep sleeper he was, normally took a few minutes to coax out of his slumber.

“Dude, what are you doing?  I was seriously having an awesome dream,”  Harold said.  Then turned to the other side to go back to sleep.

“Wake up man.  We crashed,” Maddox said.

In some part of Harold’s mind this jolted him into full alertness as he realized how true that statement was.  He looked about him to see his classmates still unconscious.

Seeing the franticness and panic in the face of his friend, Maddox said,  “I think everyone’s fine, they are just sleeping.”

Maddox stood up with his head to the side due to his height.  He then stretched his arms absentmindedly showing the lean muscles in his arms that were exposed through his muscle shirt.  Maddox was proud of the muscle he had, often working out for a couple hours every day.  He had cultivated a very healthy and fitness related lifestyle.  This often annoyed Harold because Maddox seemed to be trying to push it onto him.  He wasn’t unhealthy like his mother always told him, he was just big shouldered and it was always better to have a little meat on your bones.  What Maddox noticed was how his friend had gained so much weight in such a small amount of time, which he felt was due to depression, bad eating habits, and little exercise.  At least that is what his parents said and they should know, his father has his Doctorate in Nutrition and his mother is a Psychiatrist. Lately, this has been weighing on their friendship. One could say, Harold was jealous of Maddox, the feelings of contempt were only intensified by them both competing for the affection of Ophelia.

Harold wheezed and struggled to get out of the seat, which he had a hard time getting into in the first place.  Maddox took two long strides and was next to Ophelia to see if she was okay.  He gently brushed the hair out of her face and nudged her to wake her up.  Harold’s cheeks flamed red as jealousy coursed through his veins.  Ophelia stirred while gazing into Maddox’s eyes said, “What’s going on?”

“The plane crashed but I think we’re all okay.  Your sister Olivia is okay too, she’s just sleeping.  You know just in case you were wondering,”  Harold says quickly with a satisfied smile.

“Oh, good.  I’m glad everyone’s okay.  Meanwhile, I am pretty sure I am dying of thirst,”  Ophelia said.

“I think I have some water in my bag,”  Harold said.  He then handed her the bottle of water, which she took very graciously and started to gulp as much water as possible.  Maddox grabbed the bottle before she downed it all and said,  “We should ration this, we do not know where we are yet or if there is water, food or civilization here”

“If she wants to drink the water she can, I gave it to her,”  Harold snapped.

“Its okay Harold.  Maddox is right, I think,”  Ophelia said.

Maddox helped Ophelia out of her seat.  “Well, you’re pretty strong Maddox, been working out,”  Ophelia said while feeling his biceps.  Harold glared at them while they were giggling flirtatiously.

“Well, we should go see how the pilot is doing I am sure he can tell us where we are,”  Harold said.

“Good idea,” said Maddox.

Maddox pushed by him to lead the way.  He opened the door to the cockpit and found blood splattered on the windshield.  The pilot was lifeless.  Before Ophelia could walk through the door, Maddox grabbed her and told her not to look while he shut the door.

“Ah, Are those snakes under his chair?”  Harold shrieked.

“No, those are his intestines,”  Maddox says

Fienberg had been impaled in the gut by a branch that had smashed through the windshield.  The flies already buzzed around his corpse feeding on his bloated decaying flesh.  One fly landed on the blood splattered picture of his wife that he still clutched in his hand.

Maddox grabbed Harold who stood their shaking as pale as the moon.  Maddox pushed him out the door and shut it behind them.  “We’ll tell the others when they wake up and we will bury him.”

“Lets go see what we are dealing with,”  Maddox said.  On that note Ophelia and Harold followed Maddox out of the cabin door they forced open.

They stepped down into a lush tropical forest.  The sounds of the birds filled their ears and the sun pierced their eyes.  Maddox lead the way towards the shore by following the sound of the crashing waves.  He stood their looking at the picturesque turquoise ocean and slowly turned around to get a better look at the area.  As far as the eye could see there was lush forest, a narrow shoreline that leads to a rocky outcropping on one side, and the shore on the other side curved into obscurity.  The ocean seemed to expand endlessly.   Kelbie Drawing 4