Hypnotist David Hall at Lyndon State

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

Lyndon State College’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted an event with hypnotist David Hall from Boston, Massachusetts.

Hall has been performing magic for 12 years and got his start at the Stratton Mountain Ski Resort in southern Vermont.

He has performed for the likes of Mick Jagger and Curt Schilling.

Hall’s hypnotism routine was based around the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. His spin on the card game was called Cards Against Hypnotism and began with a black card with a situation on it.

The next card had two options for the audience to vote on by a show of hands. It kept the audience involved by having them be the ones who chose the scenarios that the volunteers would be involved in.

Hall brought out a good sized crowd and had his pick of volunteers at the CAB event.

As happens with any hypnotist show, not everyone that volunteered was able to be hypnotized.

Hall did some of the stereotypical hypnotism bits like the volunteers shoe being a phone and there was plenty of dancing.

One of the volunteers that was taken under Hall’s spell was Darius Jette.

Before this event, Jette was not convinced that hypnotism was a real thing after having a failed attempt in the sixth grade.

Jette’s perspective has been changed by Hall, “I’m a very true believer.”

Jette only remembers bits and pieces from his time under hypnosis but said, “The event was very entertaining.”