Dress For Success

By: Chelsi Byrnes, Staff Writer

The Moore Community Room was abuzz on Thursday with the annual Dress for Success event, where students we able to choose from multiple items of clothing that were donated.

The clothes can prepare students for a job interview or potentially, a special occasion. LSC student Rachel Loggins had performed on stage singing. They also had refreshments such as brownies, cookies and drinks.

Amy Wright, who is the Director of Career Services, hosted the event.

“So I’m actually new to campus, I started in November.” Wright said, “I’ve heard the event has been a success in the last four years.”

Wright said it took all day to set up the event the day prior.

The event gives students professional clothing be able to dress up and be ready for a job that they might receive after they graduate or even a job they can receive on campus or off campus.

“The first couple hours we had people taking one outfit.” Wright said. “In which they could have a jacket, shirt, pants or skirt, shoes, and accessories.”

The events clothing brands included JC Penney, Eddie Bauer, and many other brands.

“I don’t quite know how many we exactly give away… We will tally it up later tonight to see how many we give away.”

Wright said, “The clothes are free and you can put together one outfit and in the last hour you can take as many clothes as you’d like.”

She mentioned how in the last hour anything was up for grabs. “You can take any clothes you want. The last hour we are letting people take whatever they want.”