Meet The Band: The Atlantic Effect

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

The Northeast Kingdom is home to all kinds of bands that play all kinds of music.

The Atlantic Effect, nicknamed the second floor band by neighbors of their rehearsal space in the little community known as Mcindoe Falls, are a more traditional rock band with plenty of guitar solos.

The band is comprised of Jake Machell, lead vocalist and guitar player, Donovan Delabruere, lead guitar, Trevor Gross, guitar, Dave Daly, bass guitar and Nate Larow on drums.

The Atlantic Effect has deep ties to Lyndon State College. Four of the five members of the band, Machell, Delabruere, Gross and Daly, have attended or, in the case of Donovan Delabruere, are currently attending the college. The band’s drummer, Larow went to the University of Vermont.

They practice at least three times a week and are currently in the process of creating new music.

To make a song the three primary songwriters, Machell, Delabruere and Gross, will start with a melody or guitar rift and build from there.

Machell says of the process, “We really let the music speak to us.” They follow the flow and feel of the music and let the music take them where it wants to go.

The band draws it’s influence from a variety of musical genres and styles. Each member of the band has their own tastes in music. Machell says he takes more influence from pop rock and such groups as The Beatles. Delabruere brings in more blues and jazzy stylings to the band’s repertoire. Gross is known to be the band’s the old-time rock guy. Daly is the metal fan, on the other hand, and he brings a heavier sound to the music while the drummer, Nate Larow, is the indie guy.

Machell describes the band’s sound is similar to that of the Black Keys, Beatles and the Alabama Shakes.

Some of this music is now being recognized when they are playing locally. Delabruere praises The Northeast Kingdom’s music scene saying, “It’s been good to us.”

The band can be seen locally at Phat Kats Tavern on Friday, March 11 and at the Greggfest Kickoff show on Saturday, March 19, where they will have a surprise for those who attend.

Machell says that the band is honored to be able to be a part of the Greggfest event because himself and other members of the band knew Jake Gregg.

Jake Machell and Jake Gregg were brought together as soon as Gregg got to Lyndon State.

Machell was Gregg’s Music Business and Industry (MBI) mentee as well as his peer leader during SOAR.

Machell remembering Jake Gregg described him as “Fearless, fun loving and funny to the very end.” He by continued telling the story of one of the last times they spoke to each other. Machell recalls getting a skype call from Gregg who was in the hospital and in high spirits. During the course of conversation Jake Gregg asked him if he wanted to see something cool and proceeded to hold up a bag filled with a disgusting bark brown liquid. Gregg told him that it was the liquid that the doctors had pulled from his lungs that morning and laughed about it, always being able to find the humor in his situation.

Jake Machell, a former student of the Lyndon State MBI program, remembers Gregg’s influence in growing the program and his love and dedication to music. Machell said he was “In awe of how much one person could dedicate their life to music.”

The band is excited to play at the Greggfest Kickoff show with The Mangroves, The Quins and The Bonnets. They see the event as one not being for Jake Gregg but more in celebration of his love of music and the collaboration of the MBI students.

Delabruere and Machell praised the MBI program for helping them get where they are today. Machell said that the program helps, “instill a huge level of professional outlook.” The two spoke about how the program helped teach them how to carry themselves and they are very grateful for it.

They said that if there was any advice that they would give to the current MBI students it would be to never stop practicing and to never forget that you love what you do.