Pi Day Event And Fundraiser

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

The Resident Assistants in the Poland and Rodgers buildings will hold a Pi day event and fundraiser on March 14.

Pi day takes it’s name from the date’s abbreviation, 3/14, which mimics that first three digits of the irrational number used to find the circumference of circles. It began with a San Francisco physicist along with his staff and members of the public marched in a circle while eating fruit pies.

March 14 became a national holiday in 2009, and because many people use it as an excuse to eat pie, the day continues to confuse and fatten people all over the country.  

The Poland/Rodgers event organizers, however, are taking Pi day and making it their own.

Instead of a marching circle, there will be information about both Pi and pie. The event will have pie recipes and prizes for the people can recite the most digits of Pi.

In conjunction with the Pi day festivities there will be a fundraiser for the Holly Cannon Scholarship.

Cannon was a very prominent figure on campus. She worked in admissions, News7 and was an RA.

Cannon died last January, and since then, a scholarship has been made in her name.

The fundraiser at the Pi day event is called “Pie an RA in the Face.” The four RAs in the Poland Rogers building, Vincent Boccanfuso, Courtney Gagne, Bianca Russo and Holly Silva will be the victims of the face pieing.

The pieing of the faces will be decided by a raffle. To get a chance to pie the RA of your choice in the face there will be tickets for sale for a yet determined price. Each RA will have a box to place the raffle tickets in.

Boccanfuso said of the event and the scholarship, “It’s a good way to raise awareness for it.”

All of the proceeds from the Pi day fundraiser will go towards the Holly Cannon Scholarship.

The festivities begin at 8 p.m. and the “Pie an RA in the Face” raffle drawing will happen around 8:40 p.m..