Movie Review: Zootopia

By: Rebecca Reese, News Editor

Zootopia may be a children’s movie, but as a 20 year old, I fully enjoyed it.

The movie is about a cute little bunny who dreams of being a cop—which is no job for a bunny at all, but she believes that, in Zootopia, anyone can be anything.

She works hard and graduates top of her police academy class. I think that this part of the film sends a strong message to kids about chasing their dreams against all odds.

Once Officer Hops gets to the new city she is put on Meter Maid duty and obviously isn’t too happy about that. But being the determined bunny she is, she winds up going against her boss and accepting an unwanted case.

She is given an ultimatum: to solve the case within 48 hours or she resigns.

I won’t give away too many details about the movie, but suffice it to say, Officer Hops uncovers a much larger issue throughout her pursuit.

The movie has a lot of underlying political messages. It’s interesting what you notice watching a children’s movie as an adult.

But, politics aside, the most important part of the movie: the sloths. I cracked up. Even though they put the whole scene in the trailer, it was still funny in theatres. In fact, it’s still funny and always will be.

With that being said, the end of the movie killed me. Crying.