Women’s Lacrosse Makes History

By: Courtney Isom, Staff Writer

The Lyndon State Women’s Lacrosse Club team had their inaugural game against Southern Vermont last Sunday. The end result was not what the team wanted, losing in blowout fashion, 17-4. But, they have a lot to be proud of considering they had only been practicing for one month prior to the season starting.

The team is currently coach by Kevin Pezanowski, who is also responsible for coaching the Men’s Lacrosse team.  He stated that there is no difference between coaching the women versus the men. “Over my coaching career I have had the opportunity to coach several high school and college women’s sports,” he said. The team presently has 16 players, 75% of which have had some high school experience. Coach Pezanowski believes the players are motivated and dedicated to make women’s lacrosse a varsity sport next year. “I feel that there is a solid number of women that are all very dedicated and enthusiastic to the development and progress of the team here at Lyndon,” he said.

Freshman Danielle Kuiper shared her thoughts about the game, “It sucks that we lost, but we only had a month of practice under our belt and for people who have never played with each other, we didn’t do that bad.” She went on to say that this game was a learning experience to see where the team was from a strategic standpoint. “I am excited for the season because I am focused on becoming a better player, growing with the team, and being apart of a new program,” Kuiper said.

Junior Carmen Mears being a part of a team community was something she missed. She also stated that having girls from the team in her classes makes it more comfortable her and puts ease on her workload and schedule. When asked about her thoughts on the game on Sunday, Carmen said, “We were all intimidated because [Southern Vermont] had more numbers, but we were also anxious, in a good way, because we knew that our hard work was going to pay off.” When Women’s Lacrosse becomes a full-time varsity sport, there competition will be fierce.  Every school competing in the North Atlantic Conference has a Women’s Lacrosse program, so a league will be established next year.

Sophomore Lexie Walker is excited about the team now and the direction they are headed going forward. “I think our team now compared to in the future is going to improve,” she said. Sophomore Amanda Hadley stated, “Right now it’s about having fun, but next year it’ll be for real, and we are really fortunate Coach Pezanowski is helping us.”  One thing is for certain, Coach Pezanowski and his players are ready to make history.

Sports Editor Josh Caredeo contributed to this article.