A Lyndon State Music Festival

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

Students will be able to listen to good music and contribute to a great cause this weekend.

This year will mark the third year of the GreggFest music festival that is named after the late Lyndon State College student Jake Gregg.

Jake Gregg was a Music Business and Industry (MBI) major who was diagnosed with a rare form Leukemia. The cancer made it so that Gregg was unable to do what he loved: play music with his band Suncooked.

In 2014, a group of MBI students and friends of Gregg created the music festival in his name with the goal to raise money for he and his family in a time of financial need.

When the festival was first held in 2014, Gregg was able to Skype in and watch the entire show from his hospital room. By the end of the festival $2,000 was raised in support of Gregg and his family.

After the success of the first event, the group of students went to work on planning the next year’s festival.

On April 15, 2015 Gregg died from his cancer and the coordinators of the festival decided to put the festival’s funds towards the Jake Gregg Memorial MBI Endowment, funding a scholarship for a Music Business and Industry student.

Last year’s GreggFest raised $4,000 for the endowment fund.

This year the GreggFest coordinators have even higher hopes.

“The hope is to raise even more money,” coordinator Jordan Racine said.

The event is very important for the MBI students that are involved because it gives them a hands on and real world experience. They learn what it is like to manage an event and the pieces that go into it.

This year’s event will be held on May 6 and 7.  The complete band lineup will be announced on March 19.

Before the GreggFest event is held there is the GreggFest Kickoff event. The Kickoff event began last year with the purpose of promoting the festival and to help raise money for the cost of production.

The event takes four of the acts from the main festival lineup as a preview to get people hyped up for GreggFest. The kickoff show also allows those who attend to buy tickets for GreggFest at a discounted rate.

This year’s kickoff show will be played by The Bonnets, The Mangroves, The Quins and The Atlantic Effect.

The Bonnets are a local funk punk band that is made up of LSC students.

The Mangroves are an experimental rock band that is also comprised of Lyndon students.

The Quins are a rock and roll band out of Boston, Massachusetts.

The headlining band The Atlantic Effect is a rock and soul band comprised mostly of current and former Lyndon students.

All of these bands can be seen and heard at the GreggFest Kickoff show being held at The Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury, Vermont on Saturday, March 19 at 7 p.m. with an admission fee of $5.