Body Positive

By: Chelsi Byrnes, Staff Writer

Many people today struggle with self appearance.

In response, Assistant Director of Student Life and RHD Jinai Gordon hosted an event on Wednesday that helped those who struggle with the way they see themselves.

“Body positivity spreads all over the media,” Gordon says. “On websites such as Facebook, people post about how it’s important to love yourself and how you shouldn’t shame yourself or others.”

This is the first year this event has been held.The body positive event is a part of the multicultural program.

“Some people don’t know what body shaming is– they just don’t know how to explain it to somebody,” Gordon said. “For those who do, it’s important to talk to friends about it and let them know about certain comments they make about body shaming.”

She said the event is helping promote how people should accept themselves in today’s society.

“I think we are at this point in part of society where it’s awesome to be yourself,”Gordon said. “People are accepting others first time.”

Gordon explained how it’s important that people should open up about how they feel to help others see the things that they don’t see in themselves.

“By having open conversation and being honest they are going to stop once they realize they are shaming.” Gordon said, “They are going to start thinking about it and help others out by starting to do more body positive actions using body positive actions.”

Gordon says she felt that this event will help those change their thoughts that they have about themselves and how it’s important to love themselves.

“They will allow ultimately help build self confidence for a lot of people who don’t have it.” Gordon said, “It will help people start learning how to take care of themselves and having a positive mind, body, and soul.”

This spreading of positivity to many people is not something that will happen overnight.

Gordon said, “It’s going to take a few years for it to happen and we can keep chipping at it, a day at a time eventually it will change for the better.”