Forgotten Chapter 5

By: Kelbie Biron

The food that was packed for the trip in the Amazon was minimal. After Lucy double-checked Olivia’s calculations they both decided this was not a good situation.

“So what are we going to do?” Lucy asked.

“Well we are going to tell Maddox when he comes back and come up with an alternative plan.”  Olivia replied.

The hike back to the beach was far easier than hike up the cliff. Both Maddox and Max were exhausted, but they trudged onward. As Maddox was walking towards the area on the beach where everyone was gathered Olivia and Lucy began to walk over to him with concerned faces.

“Maddox we have a problem.I did my calculations right, we only have enough food for a week or week and half if we stretch it. The water situation is worse we only have enough for three days.”  Olivia said.

“Okay, this is what we are going to do we are going to search for food and water that will be our main priority.” Maddox said.

“That is good the island should have water, from what I can tell it seems the animal life is diverse and they need a fresh water source to survive along with food.” Olivia said.

“Right now I’ve got Harold and Kalmia looking for water, hopefully they find some.” Maddox says.

One hour later Harold and Kalmia arrived back from trekking in the forest and immediately found Maddox.

“Hey man, we didn’t find any water.” Harold said through gasping breaths.

“On the bright side we found bananas and some other fruit that could be edible.” Kalmia said.

“Well that’s good in a little while when Eric and Amy get back we’re gonna have a meeting.” Maddox said.

Most of them that were done their assigned tasks they sat on the beach staring at the waves rolling onto shore.

“Hey Ophelia, everyone looks super bummed. We should do something to liven up things.” Hawke said.

“Yeah, whatever sure.” Ophelia said while she searched in the cargo area of the plane so far they have found some tools and emergency supplies that could be useful. It was oddly quiet and Ophelia looked around and Hawke was missing.

“Not again” Ophelia said.

All of a sudden shrieking reverberated across the sand. Ophelia started running when she heard the sound.  

“Water fight.” Hawke yelled.  

Hawke had taken the water bottles and was dashing their precious contents onto the Olivia and Lucy who were yelling at him and trying to rip the bottles out of his hands.  

“What are you doing?”  Max yelled.

“Dude, I am trying to have some fun, everyone looks so depressed, man.”  Hawke said.

“You’re wasting our water, we don’t have that much.”  Max yelled.

“I didn’t know. Dude you need to chill.”  Hawke said.

“We are on an island so far with little food and still we have located no water source.”  Max said.

“No one told me that.  Plus, we are going to be fine. The coast guard or whatever will get here like any minute.” Hawke said.

“Look around you there is no one here but us. We are completely lost on some island in the middle of the ocean and nobody knows we are on it.” Max said. “Stop being such an idiot.”

Hawke punched Max in the face and tackled him. A fight broke out between them. Hawke fought back but was no match for Max. Max was far stronger; Hawke was scrawny and lacked the skills necessary in a fistfight. Maddox bounded across the shore and grabbed Max from wailing on Hawke. Curled into a fetal position Hawke laid for a second while wiping the blood that trickled from his nose. Miss Gelling tried to help diffuse the tension but Maddox took care of the problem.

“Look guys now that Amy and Eric are back and we’re all here I need to tell you guys some things. We only have about a weeks’ worth of food and we had three days’ worth of water.”  Maddox said.

“Yeah but now we probably only have a day and half’s worth of water because the idiot wasted it.” Olivia said.

“Yes I realize we have less now but we should not take out our frustrations on each other.  More than any other time in our lives, we need to band together. We can’t survive if we’re constantly at each other’s throats.” Maddox said.

The sun started to set and the sky turned a brilliant pink. All that could be heard was the buzz of insects and the waves of the omnipresent ocean crashing against the shore.

“We’ll sleep in the plane and tomorrow we will split into groups and search for food and water.”  Maddox said.

“What about the fire? Amy and I found some wood.” Eric said.

“Put the wood in the cargo hold on the plane, we will build a fire tomorrow. Why don’t we all just grab a quick bite to eat and hit the sack.” Maddox said.

Lucy and Olivia doled out the dinner rations, which were very scant and left an empty feeling in everyone’s stomach. Miss Gelling came back from the forest after taking care of some much-needed business. Her leg was already showing signs of swelling.

“What happened to your leg Miss Gelling?” Lucy asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about it dear, I think I just scraped it against something that’s all when I just took a walk in the woods.” Miss Gelling said.

With that the group went to sleep wracked with the exhaustion of day. The next morning they awoke with the sun shining brightly in their faces. All of the students stirred but Miss Gelling who remained huddled in her sleeping bag.

“Well she’s a sound sleeper.” Hawke said.

“Yeah well she looked exhausted last night, we should let her sleep in.” Said Kalmia.

“Fine, we need to split up and look for food and water.” Maddox said.

Max was the one closest to her and bent down to peer closely at her.

“Guys I think she’s dead.” Max said.

Max pulled back the sleeping bag to everyone’s horror Miss Gelling had past away.

“What do you think killed her?” Max said.

“I don’t know but it had to be something to do with her leg, look how swollen it is.” Olivia said.

“I bet it was a snake bite, my Dad’s a doctor. He used to volunteer in tropical places and he would treat snakebites a lot. He would tell me about it all the time.” Maddox said.

The sun shone bright as the students stood there looking at Maddox, their fate rested in his hands as the test to survive was ever challenging.