Forgotten Chapter 6

By: Kelbie Biron


A grey pebble tumbled off Miss Gelling’s cairn, Olivia picked it up and placed it more securely back onto the top. The students were all there to bury their teacher and to say good-bye. Olivia and Lucy cried while placing flowers upon her grave.

“Is that where the pilot is buried?” Ophelia asked.

“Yeah,” Maddox said.

“I didn’t know this is where you guys buried him.” Ophelia said.

“Yeah, Max and I thought this would be the best place,” Maddox said.

“Oh, what was his name?” Ophelia said.

“Fienberg.” Maddox said.

Maddox walked over to the edge of the cliff. The waves crashed against the rocks spraying water, Maddox stared down into the chaotic ocean as Ophelia came and put her arm around his waist.

“What’s wrong?” Ophelia asked.

“This shouldn’t have happened.” Said Maddox “I should’ve known something was wrong. It’s my fault.” choking back tears.

“There was no way you could’ve know, it is not your fault. It was an accident.” Ophelia said.

“Guys listen up. We need to talk.” Maddox said.

“What happened to Miss Gelling is serious. The island probably has poisonous snakes and we need to be extremely careful.” Maddox said while a hush fell over the remaining survivors. “At all times there should be a buddy system, no one goes anywhere without someone else and if you do go out you need to tell the group so we know you left. If something happens to anyone it is best we know about it right away, the sooner the better you’re more apt to survive that way.” Maddox said.

“What if someone gets bit by a snake?” Lucy asked.

“Prevention is the best medicine, there is nothing we can do. The best we can do is make your last moments comfortable.” Maddox said.

“Wait, couldn’t someone like suck the poison out and spit it out then the problem is fixed.” Hawke said.

“I don’t think that will work.” Maddox said.

“Well I am not going in the woods then. I’ll just chillax on the beach.” Hawke said.

“So what you think you can just sit around and be lazy while everyone else does hard work. I don’t think so.” Maddox said.

“Dude, you can’t make me do anything. Who died and made you king?” Hawke said.

“Look around you, the pilot and Miss Gelling are dead now, does anybody else want to step in and be the leader?” Maddox said.  

Everything was silent. “I didn’t think so. So why don’t you quit complaining and for once be useful. Bottom line is you do nothing you get nothing. Enjoy starving to death.” Maddox said.

Hawke just mumbled and fell silent.

“Max, Ophelia and I are going to go search for food and water on the other side of this cliff.” Maddox said. “The area no one has been to yet so we’ll look there.”

“Harold and Kalmia, you guys search the middle of the island where you guys haven’t been yet.” Maddox said.

“Lucy and Olivia why don’t you girls, ummm..” Maddox said

“Why don’t we work on finding things to collect rain water when it rains again” Olivia said. “I don’t think you want us getting lost in the woods.”

“Sounds good.” Maddox said.

“Amy and Eric why don’t you guys build a fire with the wood you guys found yesterday.” Said Maddox.

“Good, I will help Amy and Eric.” Hawke said.

“No, actually you are going to come with me and my group.” Maddox said.

The groups split up and went their separate ways. Maddox led his group and cleared the path the best he could while keeping his eye out for snakes. Hawke whined and complained the entire time. They collected as much fruit as possible, it looked edible. When the group was circling back cutting across the heart of the island they found a shallow pool of fresh water. Immediately they marked where it was by slicing chunks out of the surrounding trees then a tree every five paces until they arrived back to the shore.

The yelling echoed across the beach where Lucy and Harold were arguing with each other.

“How long have they been arguing?” Maddox asked Eric who was sitting by a small but glorious fire.

“For about a half an hour now. Him and Kalmia got back without finding any water, not that long ago ten minutes after Harold and Lucy started to look for oysters to cook up and then began arguing.” Eric said while stoking the fire. Amy sat next to him with her hand entwined in his other free hand.

“Leave me alone.” Harold yelled at Lucy. He pushed by her to get to the sandy part of the beach. As he did so Lucy lost her footing and fell backward. Maddox ran as fast as he could, Lucy lay in the shallow water that turned a bright crimson as blood gushed from her head. She laid there taking shuddering breaths and her eyelids fluttered sporadically. Maddox took his shirt off and wrapped the back of Lucy’s head while Olivia ran to her side.

“Max help me carry her to the plane.” Maddox said.

The students followed them to the plane. Max and Maddox gently laid Lucy down on the floor.

“Guys, Max and I will take care of her.” Maddox said.

“I can help, just tell me what to do.” Olivia said through sharp desperate breaths.

“The best thing you can do is go out on the beach with everyone else.” Maddox said.

Eric grabbed Olivia and led her to the shore. The plane was eerily quiet except of the sporadic gasps that escaped Lucy.

“What are we going to do?” Max said.

“There is nothing we can do, we don’t have the skill, the supplies or the equipment to save her. What made Lucy Lucy is gone now, it was smashed upon that rock into tiny pieces never to be put back again.” Maddox said.  He took several deep breaths and concentrated on the current situation.

“Hand me her pillow.” Maddox said

Max handed it to him with a shaky hand.

“I am so sorry Lucy” Maddox said before he held the pillow over her face. There was no struggle, a little twitching and a muffled scream escapes the confines of the pillow. Then her breathing stopped and Maddox took the pillow from off her face and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“At least she won’t suffer anymore.” Max said.

“This stays between us, we’ll tell the others she died from the fall and we’ll bury her on the cliff.” Maddox said.

“Yeah.” Max said staring at Lucy’s lifeless body.

Drawing of Cliff and Cairns