Movie Review: Deadpool

By: Courtney Isom, Staff Writer

Recently, I saw the movie Deadpool directed by Tim Miller and released in theatres on last month. This fantasy/science fiction film is one that will have viewers jumping out of their seats from laughter, but it will also have viewers cringing at the blood and gory scenes. Deadpool is a mixture of action and comedy, not your typical Marvel comic-book movie.

Long-ago Special Forces operative, Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, becomes a mercenary. His world starts to fall apart when a villainous scientist named Ajax abuses and transforms Wilson into Deadpool, when he was originally just supposed to turn Wilson into a superhero. Instead, the experiment gives Deadpool advanced curing powers and a very dark sense of humor. Deadpool contacts his allies Collossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and with their help, Deadpool uses his new profession to find the man who destroyed his life.

Ryan Reynolds is sarcastic, foul and arrogant with a touch of kindliness and compassion. This role was perfect for him because he had the right type of humor and contemplative attitude that was needed for the character of Deadpool. No other actor could better play the role.

As is usually the case with Marvel movies, there are a few scenes that feel drawn out in Deadpool. The movie was very engaging, right from the very beginning I was intrigued. The movie starts in media res with a fight scene, and the rest of the movie tells the story so far that leads up to the opening action.

Surprisingly, the movie contained a lot of comedy. This surprised me because with movies that usually involve a lot of action, you don’t expect so much comedy. I can say that there was comedy in almost every scene of the movie. Though there was a lot of humor involved in the movie, I believe that Deadpool would have still been a successful movie regardless. However, the amount of humor that was in the movie definitely contributed to the success of the movie.

Deadpool was amusing, cynical and riveting. Seeing this movie is a decision you will be happy you made.