Top 10 Hardest Boss Fights in N64 Games


By: Jac Bakley, Video Game Critic

#10: Ice Man (1080 Snowboarding) The Ice Man is your final opponent in Deadly Fall, the last track in the Expert Cup. When you race him to the bottom of the mountain, you’ll not only have to deal with his incredible skill and speed, but the tricky obstacles on the course. If you want a surefire chance of beating him, make sure you stay on his tail all throughout the course. He can easily pass you again if you hit another obstacle, so watch your step.


#9: The Wankas (Conker’s Bad Fur Day) Quite a few of the bosses in this game are rough, but the Wankas just about take the cake. While piloting the machine gun inside of their beehive, they will be swarming all over you, and it won’t be easy to see and shoot them all. There’s no chocolate to replenish your health inside the hive, so hang in there and get your cat-like reflexes going.


#8: Dark Link (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Dark Link is notorious for being one of the most difficult bosses in Zelda history, and the battle against him in Ocarina of Time is no exception. He mimics your every move, always dodges your Z-target attacks, and will definitely drain at least half your life before losing his. It may be difficult to defeat him with just your sword, especially if you only have a few hearts, but if you can get Biggoron’s Sword or Din’s Fire, defeating him will be a breeze.


#7: Carnage (Spider-Man) Carnage is very hard to kill, because he seems to be invulnerable to physical contact. You can try to hurt him much by just punching and kicking him, but there’s a 99% chance he’ll slice your throat before you can even lay a finger on him. Try as hard as you can to knock him into the sonic bubble in the middle of the room, since that’s really the only way you’ll be able to kill him. The bubble can hurt you, too, and it takes up a large portion of the room, so be careful.


#6: Luigi (Mario Golf) While he technically isn’t that much of a boss, he is still one tough opponent. Why? Well, he knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s putting the ball, and he often never misses his desired target. This makes it very easy for him to get a birdie or a par. Better get your golfing skills going, because defeating him and unlocking him will be like trying to beat a real professional golfer.


#5: William, final form (Resident Evil 2) William is very difficult to get rid of, as well as very difficult to kill when fighting him. During the last five minutes of the self-destruct countdown, you will need to fight him once again while waiting for the escape elevator to arrive. He is very quick, and can kill you with just a few attacks. Part of the reason he is so hard is that when you try to get some distance from him, he charges right at you. It can also be very hard to shoot him when he’s on top of the chemical tanks. Also, just when you think you’ve killed him, he mutates into a different form. Make sure you have full health, plenty of ammo, and plenty of herbs in order to kill this grotesque beast.


#4: Majora (all forms) (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask) Where to start with her? You start off fighting her Mask form, she’s always moving around the arena, so Z-targeting her and avoiding her attacks can be very tricky. Not to mention, hitting her with arrows requires a lot of accuracy. Next is her Incarnation form, and she runs at lightning speed around the arena, making it easy for her to run you over. Her lightning ball attacks also come at you very quickly, so shielding them will require lightning reflexes. Lastly, in her Wrath form, she can easily whip you to the ground if you get too close, and it can be hard trying to attack her while avoiding her spiked tops on the ground. Be patient, though, as it will be very satisfying to watch her disintegrate to pieces in the end.


#3: Andross, true form (Star Fox 64) After defeating the annoyingly difficult Star Wolf in Venom, you will have one final confrontation with Andross, the evil monkey mastermind. After destroying his outer head shell, you will need to defeat his brain and eyeballs in all-range mode. His eyeballs are constantly following you around, so actually shooting them and his brain will be very tricky. You may also be low on energy from Star Wolf, which will make the challenge of defeating him even more harrowing.


#2: Mizar (Jet Force Gemini) Oh, boy. This guy is rough. Getting to the battle with him is hard enough, but taking him on is a whole different story. His projectiles are always coming straight at you, his laser attack can quickly drain your health, and it’s very difficult to avoid both of them. To make matters worse, you can’t replenish your health or ammo, so be very careful and don’t take him so lightly.


#1: Wizpig (Diddy Kong Racing) That’s right, Rareware even makes the top spot with the hardest N64 boss ever. You will need to beat him in a one-on-one race through a village, and he will stop at nothing to get ahead of you. If you want to stand a chance against this evil pig, make sure you play as the fastest car driver and hit all the zippers at the right angle to get the green turbo. Even with those, good luck not snapping your controller in half.


Honorable mentions: Skedar King (Perfect Dark) Mewtwo (Pokemon Stadium) Weldar (Banjo-Tooie) Gyorg (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask) Goro (Mortal Kombat Trilogy)