Meet the Band: The Buried Youth

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

Lyndon State College has a healthy supply of student bands.

One of the newest of those bands is The Buried Youth. The band is made up of Alexandra Conroy, singer, Ash Jewell, lead guitar, Brian Tenney, rhythm guitar, Brayden Baird, bass guitar and Mason Gregory on drums.

The Buried Youth began when now singer Conroy heard Tenney playing with another band. Knowing Tenney, Conroy approached him and asked if he wanted to start a new band with her. Tenney was then given the task to find the rest of the band.

He found Gregory through the Music Business and Administration (MBI) program and was already friends with Jewell. From there the band was born.

The most recent addition to The Buried Youth is Brayden Baird the bass player. Baird is known for his time playing with the bands Stroll and The Endorsements.

According to his fellow band members Baird has never played in a punk rock band before this, but they sees him as a great addition.

Like many other bands, they start with a simple guitar riff and work from there adding the lyrics last.

Tenney says, “If I like a guitar riff that I’m doing then I’ll start writing a story.”

The band’s sound is a combination of all of the different members sounds and culminates in a self-described alternative pop punk sound.

For The Buried Youth band members, the love for music was fostered at a young age.

For the lead guitarist Ash Jewell it began at age 12 when his father saw an advertisement in the paper for guitar lessons and he has been playing ever since.

Drummer Gregory Mason started playing even earlier. At the age of 9 his mother got him to take drumming lessons. Since then Mason has learned some piano and is currently learning guitar.

Brian Tenney wasted no time when it came to learning music. When he was 4 years old his grandmother taught him to play the organ. During his childhood he played classical piano until one day he realized that he wanted to be on stage and rock like AC/DC. Because of this, he picked up a guitar.

“I want to play hard rock, so I bought a guitar one day and taught myself how to play,” Tenney said.

While these three members of the band love music, it is not the only thing that they spend their time on.

Tenney works for public safety at LSC. Jewell, not being a student, spends most of his time working at the St. Johnsbury Middle School. Gregory uses his time away from music to skateboard and most recently hike around the area.

Tenney is very excited about the band’s future, “I’m just really stoked. This is the first band that I actually feel more than decent about. I feel like with our levels of music education and what we do, I feel like this is going to be a really good thing.”

For those interested in seeing and hearing The Buried Youth they will be playing at the cabaret that is being hosted by the LSC Acapella Club in ASAC 100 on April 25.

They have a lot of music in the works and suggest keeping an eye out for it on their Facebook page in the coming months.

The Buried Youth Image