Player Profile: Jason Pelkey- Lacrosse


By: Josh Caredeo, Sports Editor

It is the long awaited return of the Player Profile Series here on The Critic’s Sports Page.

This week we meet senior Jason Pelkey, who is currently on the Lacrosse team. Over the past 4 years that he has spent at LSC, Pelkey has been able to participate in 2 NCAA sports, soccer and lacrosse, and 2 club sports, hockey and rugby.

“[The number of sports that I have played] were way more than I ever saw myself doing when I first enrolled at Lyndon,” Pelkey said.

This is also the second season that Pelkey has ever played lacrosse.

“I picked up a lacrosse stick at the end of the season last year after some convincing from friends and teammates to give it a shot and try it out… the experience that I am having now makes me wish I picked it up a lot sooner,” Pelkey said.

Pelkey is excited for the program going forward after he graduates, but he claims it is bittersweet knowing him and four other players are graduating, “[The] team agrees that the chemistry is spot on for the guys and they will pick up with the same intensity a drive to win that we have had this season.

Pelkey has always admired men’s lacrosse Coach Kevin Pezanowski and his motivation to succeed in the program.

“Whenever I walk into his office we are always directed to game plans and what we can do to win games, and he makes all of that possible because of how much he studies opposing teams, their strengths and weaknesses before game day,” said Pelkey.

He hasn’t been on a team before where they watch as much film as the lacrosse team does and he believes it definitely makes a difference.

Pelkey and fellow seniors Justin Mosher, John Kimball, Joe Anderson and Colin Young will be playing in their final home game against Johnson State on Lyndon Athletic Field.