President Bertolino Passes SGA Budget

By: Rebecca Reese, News Editor

The proposed Student Government Association budget has now been approved by President Joseph Bertolino and received “the bump.”

The bump is extra money allocated to the Student Activities Account when the final number of students is in. SGA and CAB both received $15,500, and the 10 percent committee was given $3,500. Currently, the SGA general fund stands just over $17,000.

Looking back to the meeting, some students were not happy with the process and, maybe even more so, the result.

Financial Controller Joseph Cioffi sat at the SGA budget meeting to record on data on a spreadsheet and let the elected student representatives vote. Cioffi sat down with The Critic to share his opinion on the matter.

Cioffi’s described his job by saying, “Each Thursday, I get a report of all the clubs… what they spent, what they’ve taken from fundraising, keep track of all of that and keep the clubs up to date on their financials.”

From the meeting, representatives previously stated that they needed to meet a magic number, but were not told what it was. The magic number refers to next year’s budget. Some students did not agree with this. The question being: is it ethical to have people vote on something they do not understand?

Cioffi explained the reason why representatives were not told.

“We had to meet the magic number, they’re not told the magic number to stay unbiased,” Cioffi said.

Student representatives were told the magic number after the meeting. Cioffi agrees with this process.

In regards to the feelings of individuals, Cioffi says it is a tough reality that needs to be faced.

Where does the responsibility lie between being funded and fundraising? Cioffi said that he personally thinks clubs should be fundraising more than being funded.

Another issue that Cioffi brings up when deciding budgets is the amount of clubs that ask for money.

“I honestly think there’s too many clubs,” Cioffi said. “I think we’re up to 34 or 36.”

All but three clubs requested money which in Cioffi’s four years at Lyndon State College is the most to ever ask. He said 27 clubs asked for money compared to 18 or 20 that asked last year.

Cioffi ends off with the moral of the story.

“Clubs need to fundraise more,” Cioffi said. “I’ll point to MEISA, our music industry and business club, they have fundraised $2,500 this year all for Greggfest.”

One of the biggest fundraisers Cioffi has seen was MEISA’s pancake event, in which students sold pancakes that were made with pancake mix donated by Sodexo. He said MEISA raised $150 in only two days.