The Quimby Gallery

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

When walking into the Harvey Academic Center there is a glassed in room. Most students pass by this room with little understanding as to what is inside. That room is The Quimby Gallery.

The gallery was first opened in 1974 and at the time was known as The Quimby Room. It was originally on the north side of the building.

The gallery received its name from Susan Quimby, a Media Communications graduate of Lyndon State College and a photographer, who died from a sudden and unexpected illness.

Barclay Tucker currently oversees the Gallery. He took over the position when he was hired and the prior director retired.

“I love the Gallery,” Tucker said. “Directing a gallery is a dream come true for me. I love meeting the other artists and seeing students engaged in art on any level. It is so enriching and enlightening.”

Tucker is a professor in the Visual Arts department. He teaches illustration, graphic design, art and art history.

To book shows for the gallery Tucker sends out requests for artist’s proposals. From there he will make the decision. If the proposal is submitted early enough, he will get feedback from the gallery assistants.

Anyone may submit a proposal to show his or her art. Art students have priority because it is, in Tucker’s words, “a valuable experience to prepare and exhibit work in a gallery.

The gallery is favorable to smaller, two dimensional pieces of art due to the size of the space.

The shows in the Quimby Gallery usually run for 4 weeks– with the only exception being in April, as the end of the academic year approaches.

The most recent gallery was called Blank Space. The gallery ended on Thursday night and was very well received. Blank Space was made up of 4 by 6 pieces of art that were placed on the walls.

Over 300 pieces were displayed and Tucker says that the gallery achieved its goal.

It has been an opportunity for the community to come together in an art project,” Tucker said.

Works came in from everywhere like Burlington to Rutland, and artists varied from preschoolers to seasoned artists.

Tucker said that, “it has been incredible to see it grow and I think it is very beautiful. I believe those that have been watching the artwork grow have enjoyed it. It has felt like a living breathing, growing work of art.”

The people who attended the Blank Space gallery showing Thursday night were very impressed and hope to see something similar next year.

Even as the year comes to a close there are still many exhibits that students and staff will be able to enjoy. Some of the upcoming galleries are the Student Art Competition and the Senior Art Exhibit.

In August, the third annual Lego competition will be held as well as the Alumni Show to kick off the new school year.

Boston painter Young Chen will also be displaying work in the fall.

Tucker said that the gallery is an important part of the arts department because it allows students to see other artist’s work and style and have the chance to connect with local artists.

Art also enriches our lives and helps us to connect with others and understand our world,” he said.

Unfortunately there is a lack of awareness of the gallery for non-art students.

I would like more people to know about the gallery,” Tucker said. “I think we have done the best we can to get the word out.”

More information on the Quimby Gallery and upcoming events can be found on Facebook.