Forgotten Chapter 7

By: Kelbie Biron

Bugs hummed outside the plane creating a crescendo that beats inside of Max’s ears. He wanted to swat them away, no he wanted to run and be as far away from Maddox as possible. Lucy was so small he cradled her in his arms as Maddox lead the way to the cliff; she was stiffening and cold.

Tears streamed down his dirty cheeks leaving lines on his face as he piled rocks on Lucy’s corpse. The others came after her burial to pay their last respects. It was only a show, Maddox teared up at all the right places and choked on his words artfully as he gave a resounding eulogy for Lucy. He blamed Harold for her short life. Ophelia wept hysterically and kept glaring at Harold who stood off to side away from the group. After the show everyone placed a flower upon Lucy’s grave and said good-bye, everyone except Harold.

Maddox stopped him and said “I don’t think so, she is there because of you.”

“We need to hold a trial, Harold sit over there everyone else on this side you will all be the jury; I will be the judge.” Maddox said.

“Wait a minute, don’t you think that maybe we should wait until we are rescued. We don’t have the proper training or the licensure to do this, I think it may even be illegal.” Max said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Said Hawke.

“Right, because I bet they are looking for us right now, guess what they’re not; we are in the middle of nowhere. It won’t be a while until they find us and we need to handle this on our own.” Maddox said while pacing around the cliff looking at everyone. “The deed was done on the island so the punishment should be decided upon on the island, and the punishment will fit the crime.” Maddox said with absolute finality.

Silence hung over their heads weighing on their nerves.

“All in favor of convicting Harold of murder, raise your hand.” Said Maddox.

Max, Kalmia and Hawke were the only ones in the jury who did not raise their hands; Harold began to weep.

“It was an accident guys, I didn’t know she was going to slip and fall, I was just trying to get past her, I slipped too. This isn’t fair.” Harold said through a tear soaked voice.

“Your fate has been decided the punishment for murder is death.” Maddox said.

“Wait it’s even three on both sides, therefore nothing is decided.” Max said.

Maddox whipped his head around and in a steely voice said “It is decided because in the event of a tie the judge gets to make the final decision.”

“You’re just making the rules up now to suit you, guys look around you this is not right. He is trying to control everyone. Harold deserves a fair trial and it probably was an accident those rocks are slippery, we need to look at all the evidence.” Max said.

“Would you like to join him?” Maddox asked.

“What” Max said.

“Right now you are committing treason by going against the group. For us to all survive we need to work together and when one does not abide by the rules we need to deal with it before it poisons the rest.” Maddox said.

Max fell silent and looked at Harold with pity, there was nothing he could do so he walked into the jungle and did not turn back with Kalmia close behind. Maddox approached Harold and grabbed him there was struggle but Maddox has always been stronger than Harold. He dragged him to the edge of the cliff while Harold squirmed and screeched.

“You are supposed to be my friend, why are you doing this?” Harold said.

He’ll never know the answer to that question because Maddox pitched him over the cliff. His screams faded away as smack echoed across the water. Olivia looked down and there was Harold impaled by sharp jutting rocks blood swirling in the azul water.

“Good riddance.” Olivia said.

Ophelia wrapped her arms around Maddox tenderly and said “I know he was your friend but you did the right thing.”

Maddox let the others lead and had Eric fall back with him. Maddox turned to him and whispered “I need you to take care of Kalmia; she can’t be trusted and we need to break Max. Make it seem like an accident like you did with Miss Gelling.”

Eric grunted in agreement, walked off towards Amy, and held her hand. He told her of what they needed to do and they disappeared into the woods to make a plan.

Max stayed well away from everyone else except for Kalmia, she followed him everywhere. They knew the others were upset with them, they walked on eggshells for the rest of the day.

Kalmia walked into the jungle to relieve herself but quickly realized she was being followed. “Max is that you?” Kalmia asked in desperation.

“No, but soon you’re gonna wish it was.” Said Eric as he emerged from the dark. Kalmia went to scream but Amy like lightening smothered it with her hand. Soon Amy had Kalmia on the ground and pinned her from getting away.

“See what I have here in this vial it snake venom, there are these really quite stunning black snakes that like to sun themselves on the cliff in the early morning. I like to go up there and catch’em it is kinda fun, it really gets the adrenaline pumping.” Eric said.

Amy snickered. “Babe, you’re just so fast out striking those snakes. You’re the master of nature.” Amy said in admiration.

“See I knew at once they were poisonous, so grabbed them and I keep their poison in Miss Gelling’s syringes, cause ya know she was diabetic. For protection you see, you never know when you might need it.” Eric said.

Eric walked towards Kalmia to inject her with the poison but at the last second, she wriggled just enough to clasp Erics hands and drive the needle into Amy’s arm. Eric screamed as Amy rolled over in shock; Eric clutched her in his arms while she took her last breath leaving the world and her only love behind. Eric then grabbed Kalmia as she ran towards the beach, she did not make it far enough. He threw her upon the ground and began punching her. He grabbed a stick from the jungle floor and quickly drove it through her throat. Kalmia sucked in her last breaths while blood gurgled out her mouth. Kalmia’s eyes stared glossily at the moon someone somewhere maybe even Max at that moment in time looked at the moon in a much different situation hopefully much safer and for that instant Kalmia did not feel so alone as she died.