Comedian Tracey Ashley At LSC

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

Lyndon State CAB presented comedian Tracey Ashley on Thursday night.

Ashley is currently on tour with Tracy Morgan as well as wrapping up a tour college campuses.

She is probably best known for her appearance on the NBC comedy competition Last Comic standing where she was a semi-finalist. She has also co-hosted TV Land’s Prime Movies and most recently appeared on the OWN network’s comedy special Wanda Sykes presents: HERLARIOUS.

Ashley’s comedy routine can be described as a journey through her life experiences.

Much of her material is based on things that happen in her everyday life, as well as the unique and often strange experiences she has during and after shows.

She began her show by praising her comedian friend Tracy Morgan. She described the first time that they met and went on about how he has a less censored type of comedy.

As the show progressed Ashley did something that seemed very unique and complimented the audience on what they laughed at and how people reacted differently in different areas.

While being a comedian the entirety of the show was not about the comedy. She also let those in the audience into the more intimate parts of her and her family’s life.

Even so she ended the show on a very light note by letting the audience know about her favorite word: titties.

The overall reaction to the show was positive. Lots of laughs and everyone appeared to leave the theatre in high spirits.

The event was the opening to the events of spring weekend that begins on Friday at 11 a.m. and ends on Sunday night.