Forgotten Chapter 8


By Kelbie Biron

Max stumbled around the jungle with branches swatting his face and legs as he desperately looked for Kalmia. He felt, in his gut something was very wrong.

He had not seen her for an hour and was now concerned. Max ran out into a small clearing; in the moonlight he saw Maddox and Eric talking. They heard him and turned in his direction. At their feet was Kalmia and Amy laying on the dense jungle floor motionless. Eric had tears streaming down his face and shook with violent sobs. Maddox tried to comfort him but Eric could not be consoled. When Eric saw Max he screamed “It’s all his fault, push him off the cliff.”

“Calm yourself Eric, nobody is getting pushed off the cliff, yet.” Maddox said.

“What happened?” Max said as tears stained his cheeks as he looked at Kalmia’s body drenched in blood. There was so much, it soaked her white camisole and stained it crimson.

“Apparently Kalmia murdered Amy. See this needle, we think there was poison or something in it and Kalmia stabbed Amy with it. Then she attacked us when we emerged from the jungle. It was self-defense man.” Maddox said coolly.

“Really, you expect me to believe that? Kalmia wouldn’t hurt anyone, she is so kind and gentle it just wasn’t in her character to do something like that.” Max said.

“So what are you accusing my Amy of murder?” Eric said seething with a wild look in his eyes.

There was silence as Max analyzed the situation to somehow diffuse it.

“Fight me to the death, if you win Kalmia was murdered, if I win Amy was murdered; it makes perfect sense the truth will be shown by the victor.” Eric said.

“That makes no sense, this should be brought to authorities when we are rescued.” Max said.

“Are you scared, whimp?” Eric said.

“No, I’m not. I just feel we should handle this correctly and not so rashly.” Max said.

“I’ve had enough of this. You will die.” Eric shouted as he lunged at Max.

Maddox stood off the side as he watched Eric start to strangle Max with his bare hands. Eric wrapped his fingers tightly around Max’s neck. Max’s veins along his neck started to pop out looking like thick blue earthworms.

A smile spread across his Maddox’s face as he watched, and he relished the moment. Maddox was startled by a rustling in the bushes as Hawke burst forth with the handle from the airplane door brandished in his hand. He moved faster than Maddox could reach him and he grabbed Eric off of Max. Max rolled to his side and took desperate deep breaths. Eric began to attack Hawke who in turn took the handle and turned it sideways. Then with  a wet crunch he buried it in Eric’s skull. Eric fell to the ground in a sickening thunk as all the life left him. Hawke turned towards Maddox who ran off into the jungle. Hawke lent down his hand to help Max off the ground.

“You killed Eric.” Max said.

“Dude, yeah self-defense he was killing you and I am pretty sure he murdered Kalmia.” Hawke said.

“What makes you think that?” asked Max.

“Well, I overheard him talking to Amy, he said that Maddox told them they had to take care of someone.”

Hawke said as he wiped the blood off the handle with a leaf.

“At first I was like totes concerned like someone got hurt or something, but then I was like this skeevy, doesn’t add up. That’s when I took the plane handle off with the tools Ophelia and I found the other day. For protection, you know bro.” Hawke said.

“If you thought something was up, why didn’t you let me know?” Max asked.

“Dude up until the other day you have totally been on Dictator Maddox’s side. Like, I didn’t know if I could trust you.” Hawke said.

“Maddox is deceiving, but after he killed Lucy I knew he couldn’t be trusted.” Max said.

“Wait, he killed Lucy?” Hawke asked.

“Yeah, he claimed it was to put her out of misery, but I saw the evil in his eyes.” Max said.

“That’s a shocker, I wasn’t expecting Maddox to go crazy too.” Hawke said.

“What you mean too, you expected someone else to go crazy.” Max said.

“Yeah dude, Eric he is schizo and something else I don’t know, but he stopped taking his meds when we crashed; I watched him dump them into the ocean.” Hawke said.

Max looked at Hawke with a pleading face and said “We need to stick together, okay.”

“Yeah Dude, I got your back.” Hawke said.

The first thing they did was check on Olivia and Ophelia they seemed fine but were concerned, they chose not to tell them yet what had happened instead they grabbed the bodies, taking multiple trips up to the cliff to bury them. It was the right thing to do and they did not want the bodies out in the open. They deserved to be buried, no matter the crimes done during life. The trek back to the shore by the plane was daunting, and it laid heavy on their shoulders was the conundrum of what to do next about Maddox.

        The sun was still high in the sky when they arrived. Hawke and Max rounded a bend. Upon seeing the fire they stopped in their tracks. They noticed Maddox, Ophelia and Olivia standing there with spears fashioned out of sticks.

“Girls, remember we need to be fair we should hear out their side of the story as well.” Maddox said.

“They killed Amy, Eric and Kalmia, they deserve to die.” Ophelia said.

A smirk lit up Maddox’s face as he said “Now let’s not be too hasty Ophelia.”

“I agree, we should hear out their side. For all we know it could have been an animal attack.” Olivia said.

“Really Olivia? Would an animal after mauling its victims drag their bodies up to the cliff to rid itself of the evidence. No, these two murderers would though, I thought you were smarter than that.” Maddox said.

In haste Max explained what happened starting from what happened to Lucy, but the only ones who believed him were Hawke and Olivia. For the first time in her life Olivia stood up for herself and yelled “For Lucy” and stabbed Maddox who dodged slightly, so she only struck him in the shoulder. He then grabbed the spear out of her hand and thrust her to the ground shoving the spear straight into her ribcage. She took a few breaths then fell silent and still on the golden sand that was quickly turning red. Max and Hawke charged, but Maddox grabbed Ophelia and urged her to run with him which she did. They disappeared into the dense dark jungle leaving Hawke and Max with the soul-crushing task of saying goodbye to another friend.