Humans of Hornet’s Nest

By: Greta Larson and Taylor Parsons

Kelsey Hannah Emery from Amesbury, Massachusetts

“I’ve made a lot of friends through peer leading. Peerleading has helped me realize that little things on campus don’t run single handedly, they are run as a team. Peerleading has shown me that you can rely on others and not just work at it yourself. You can ask for help and people will be there for you. I think it has definitely helped me gain trust in people in general. The worst thing I’ve ever seen as a peer leader was this year at Fall-kickoff. I was at a glow party and everyone was having fun. One kid tried to do a backflip and landed flat on his face. I thought he was okay because he walked away and said he was fine, so I tried to keep the other kids at the party occupied and having fun. I don’t actually know what happened to him after that. Other than that situation, I think peerleading has really benefited me a lot.”