Visual Arts Department Displays Student Work

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

On Thursday, the Lyndon State College Visual Arts department hosted the Student Art Show in the Harvey Academic Center.

The main table for the event was just inside the front of the building. It sat in front of the Quimby Gallery, where prizewinners from the prior week’s Student Art Competition were displayed.

On the table was a coffee tin filled with the pieces of paper. On the papers were names for the door prize drawing. Next to it was a small mechanical button press. Here, those who attended were able to create their very own button by decorating a Ritz cracker sized piece of paper then having it pressed into a button.

At the front of the building, where most of those attending milled about, there was some discussion between peers of the high quality of the student work and the occasional shooting of a small foam balls across the room in a very playful manner.

The event was a quaint and very personal as those who attended – both students and professors – slowly and quietly moved through the hallways admiring the student’s work.

As a whole, the event was aimed at showing the skill and quality of the work that the students at LSC create and seemed to achieve its goal quite well.

The artwork is currently displayed on the bulletin boards in the halls around the building.

The prizewinning pieces that are in the Quimby Gallery – ranging from two-dimensional concept art to three-dimensional abstract sculptures – will remain there until May 3.

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