Forgotten Chapter 9

By: Kelbie Biron

The sun quickly faded to deep dark night. The bugs grew louder and more persistent as they tried to feast upon Maddox and Ophelia. They swatted them away, but more sprung up to bother them. Maddox paced the jungle floor, mumbling incoherently and occasionally saying “We need a plan.” Ophelia had a plan of her own, she would wait until he was asleep and then take revenge on him for killing her sister. She sat encouraging him, and sharing her ideas occasionally, basically playing the good little girlfriend he expected. Her impatience grew the more he paced as she watched him, plotting the murders of their other friends. He finally put down his spear and sat down next to her. He wrapped his arms around her in a tender embrace. Ophelia flinched and squirmed away from him.

“Is something wrong?” Maddox asked with fake concern.

Ophelia couldn’t take it anymore, her emotions burst at the seams.

“You killed my sister. You’re a monster.” Ophelia shouted as she stood up, stepping backwards.

“It was self-defense, she tried to kill me.” Maddox said.

“Self-defense, self-defence.” Ophelia screeched.

“Olivia was unarmed after you took the spear away from her, which barely left a mark, unfortunately. What you did was deliberate and cruel.” Ophelia said with a bob of her head and tears streaming down her face.

“Is that so? I guess you’re on Max’s side now.” Maddox said.

“Yeah, I am and guess what? I have both spears now.” She said brandishing them proudly in each hand.

“That’s okay I have the hunting knife that carved those two spears. Who has the upper hand now traitorous bitch?” Maddox said.

“Shit.” Ophelia said as she turned to run.

With a flick of his wrist and a keen eye, he threw the knife. The blade sank deep in her shoulder. She tripped when it hit her and he was quickly on top of her. The blade sank in so many times, cutting like butter soon he was soaked in her blood. He looked down at her body and said “We could have been great together, but now I guess you’re just food for the animals.” Then Maddox left to stalk Max and Hawke. He spent the rest of the night planning and slinking.

Max and Hawke finished putting the last stone on Olivia’s grave. When they looked up Maddox was standing by a tree covered in blood. Nothing was said and the silence spread across the cliff. Max looked knowingly at him, he knew what needed to be done.

Maddox charged at him and Max let him. Hawke interfered, but Maddox kicked him in the face and Hawke passed out. Max parried the knife attack and stuck his fist in Maddox’s gut. The knife came down at him again and this time Max couldn’t stop it. It struck him in the belly. He continued to fight him. Max held him barely, but said “I will forgive you if you forgive me.” Then with Maddox firmly in his grasp deliberately fell backwards over the cliff.

A minute or an hour later Hawke will never know, but he woke up to the birds chirping and the sun shining. He stood up, but stars perforated his vision and he had to sit back down. Hawke began to look for Max, he didn’t dare yell just in case Maddox heard and came back. He walked toward the edge of the cliff to peer down. That is when he saw Max and Maddox splayed out on the sharp rocks soaked in each other’s blood. Hawke ran into the jungle weaving through the dense foliage.

He waded through the water, for it was low tide, and looked closely at the two. Maddox had his head on Max’s shoulder and was in a tight embrace. The water lapped at the blood they were covered in, washing it away. Their eyes remained open, looking far off into the distance, they almost looked nostalgic, maybe remembering the good old times.

When he reached them he grabbed Max and dragged his body back to shore. He sat there for quite some time crying.

After some time he pulled himself together and brought Max’s body to the cliff to bury him. Then Hawke went out to find Ophelia, he figured she was dead too because of all the blood Maddox had over him when he showed up. It took him all day, but he finished. He slept up there that night with his friends underneath the stars. He had tried so hard to make them laugh, but it didn’t work, if only he could see them smile again like when they were back at school.

“How long did you say you were on the island again kid?” A short grizzly man on the rescue team asked.

“Three months, two weeks and four days.” Hawke said in a hollow voice, a mere shadow of the former young man he was.

“Well, you’re safe now. It may not be an American hospital, but it’ll do for now. I am sure the paperwork will be finished soon and you’ll be home.” the guy said.

Hawke nodded and remained motionless as to not disturb all of the tubes connected to him. The monitors hummed, reminding him of all the bugs that would pester him when he lived on the island. Tears broke away from his eyes and he just whispered the mantra he told the rescue team, “No one survived.”

Plane and Island