New SGA President

By: Rebecca Reese, News Editor

“As SGA President, I want to try to revive school pride because I feel like it’s been pretty low.” Cassie Helmar said.

Helmar has recently been elected the new president of the Student Government Association.

“Everybody pays a lot of money for these events and no one shows up and it’s kind of sad,” Helmar said. “I hope to show everyone that they need to take advantage of all the opportunities on campus.”

Helmar accepted the role because she realized it was an important job.

“With accepting this job I can make a difference,” Helmar said.

However, Helmar did not put herself on the ballot and was caught by surprise one day with the news that she was written in.

“I was actually walking to class when Ryan Jenot came up to me and said he voted for me,” Helmar said. “I was wicked confused and was like ‘voted for me for what?’ And he said SGA president and then I just said ‘oh’ laughed and walked to class.”

Helmar said that Dominic Amato was the one to write her in when at a CAB event for Bamboo.

“I didn’t know he wrote me until after we left and there was nothing I can do,” she said.

Helmar is no stranger to this campus as she is very involved in other areas.

“I am a orientation coordinator for First Year Experience,” she said. “I am also advertiser for ASSIST community service club, and this year I was class rep for the class of 2017.”

Helmar is also a part of News7 as an Electronic Journalism Arts major. She will be a senior come September.

Helmar is confident that her past experience will help her in her newest role on campus.

“The most influential job that I can use for my new role is Orientation coordinator,” she said, “because through my position as C-staff I learn how to keep moral up while also working and getting the job done, which is going to prepare me to lead SGA meetings by keeping people spirits up and getting done what needs to be done.”

Helmar is set to graduate in the spring of 2017 and then a new president will be chosen.