VSC Makes First LSC JSC Unification Decision

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

Lyndon State College is facing even more changes.

Thursday July 21 the Vermont State Colleges (VSC) Board of Trustees approved VSC Chancellor Jeb Spaulding’s initial proposal to unify the Lyndon and Johnson State Colleges into one.

The unification will create a single administration that will govern the two schools.

The campuses and programs will remain as they are with opportunities for students to access some or all of the facilities and programs from the other school.

The decision to merge the two schools comes from declines in enrollment and state funding. The unification will help to cut the cost of running the two schools while still allowing both to operate as they have been.

This decision comes after the recent VSC approval of Nolan Atkins as the interim president for Lyndon.

The unification of the two schools is not yet finalized; Chancellor Spaulding will present a more comprehensive plan for the unification that will be voted on the the VCS Board of Trustees at their September 29 meeting.

As the proposal stands, if fully approved, the two schools will come under the control of one administration on July 1 2017.

At that time the current JSC President, Elaine Collins, will become the president of the two campuses.

Any of the above items could change between now and the final proposal and VSC vote on September 29.