Class of 2020 Convocation

By: Chelsi Byrnes

The class of 2020 joined President Nolan Atkins, faculty and their peer leaders on Thursday August 25.

Atkins and a few other staff members explained to the incoming freshman what it is like to be here at Lyndon State during the time they are here.

The staff and new students had appeared to be excited as they finish up their first week here at Lyndon. The staff had speeches that they had presented notifying what it’s like to be a Hornet.

The convocation started out with Professor Brian Warwick, a professor in the Music and Performing Arts program, discussing his college experience. Following him was President Atkins and Erin Rossetti, Director of Student Life.

Warwick had begun by mentioning how he had come from California originally. He was considered to be a student with a lack of care for his school work in high school– as he had lower grades.

“My parents considered me to be a bad student,” Warwick said. “I always had low grades and I was a pain to deal with because I had a drum set. I would play in their garage and I would play it really loud.”

Warwick discussed how he had to find courage to be able to get his grades up to go to college.

Warwick said, “College was a place where I could define myself”.

He realized even though he had downfalls in the past, college was a place that had made him feel at home.

He said, “The faculty and staff made me feel welcome and encouraged me to work hard.”

Interim President Nolan Atkins spoke and gave the new students his thoughts on what Lyndon is truly like. He mentioned how over the summer the students went and interned at multiple places and were very successful at these internships.

“Lyndon students flew on N.A.S.A. missions in California, created new strategies for social media, worked in news stations in Boston, developed a pest management plan on fruits and vegetables in Utah, worked with inmates in St Johnsbury and worked in Jingle Punks in New York City. That’s just a small part of the things that Lyndon students did over the summer and you can do it too while you’re working hard to achieve your accomplishments and goals here at Lyndon,” Atkins said.

He then had the statistics of how many people are from different states. He was mentioning how Lyndon has a wide variety of people from all over the United States, as well as three different countries.

Atkins said, “There are 253 from Vermont, 34 from New Hampshire, 41 from Massachusetts, 45 from the great state of Connecticut, 12 from Maine, 10 from New York and 6 from Rhode Island.” He continued, “There are 25 students from other places as well…such as Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming. There’s also 4 international students too from China, Japan and the Myanmar.”

Erin Rossetti, the Student Life Director also shared a few words. She had mentioned how she practically has lived on campus for her whole adult life.

“I have lived on campus for 12 years now in the residential homes and my husband and I have lived on campus for 10 years now,” she said. “I got married and I had my first child on campus in Rita Bole.”

She had ended it off by saying that she hopes that the class of 2020 feels at home here at Lyndon.

“Lyndon is my home and I hope you’ll find Lyndon to be your home too,” Rossetti said. “Also  take advantage of the guidance you’ll have as well as the laughter, the shoulder to cry on and the support we have here at Lyndon.”

These are a few members of the staff we have here at LSC who would like to encourage the incoming students here to be as successful as they can be in every possible way. They would like Lyndon to feel like a tight-knit community that everyone will enjoy.