Rugby Pitch Receives Recognition

By: Josh Caredeo, Sports Editor

Lyndon’s rugby pitch has been picked as one of the most incredible fields in the world by USA Sevens Rugby. Other fields on the list are in exotic locations such as Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji to name a few.

Junior Dan Stein, who has played with the team in two fall seasons and two spring seasons, is proud to be a member of this group of ruggers. “I think it has all the reason be named in the top 14 (according to USA Sevens Rugby),” Stein said. “It is in one of the greatest areas in the country and has one of the greatest views as well; it’s an honor to play on the pitch.”

When it comes to the game of rugby, there are a lot of intricate parts that go into building an efficient team. Zach Morrill, who has been a teammate with the aforementioned Stein for two fall seasons and one spring season, is very excited to begin playing again. “This upcoming season I can confidently state that we have what it takes to fill those voids,” Morrill said.

He went on to say that sheer power, strength, speed and intelligent decision making describes this band of brothers to a tee. “This team doesn’t back down from anything, so I like our odds this season,” said Morrill.

The Rugby team plays its’ first match on the road against the Mass College of Liberal Arts on October 1st.
Rugby Pitch.jpg