History of LSC

By Chelsi Byrnes, Features Editor

Lyndon State was established in the year 1911. There were three students total and they were all females. As time went on they had increased the amount of years people could attend the college. By the year 1923, Lyndon had their first two year students graduated and previously before that people had graduated in just one year.

Rita Bole became the principal and there had been an increase of making it a three year school. In 1934, there was a total of nine graduates. In 1944, Lyndon became a four year school with a total of eighteen students.

The Northeast Kingdom relied on the Lyndon State school system as an expansion to the area. Bole had went to the Vermont State Legislator to make the Lyndon Teachers School to make it the first male college and out of state college during the 1940’s.

Rita Bole had overlooked the location where Lyndon State was supposed to be built. It had got moved to its current location and the original building is where Vail is located.

Vail was named after a man named Theodore N.Vail. Theodore Vail was the first president of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. In 1961, the Vermont State College system was established by the legislature which was when Lyndon Teachers College became Lyndon State College. In 1964 the theatre, dining hall, the dormitory and the science wing were built. Previously to all of these additions there only was the teaching training programs and the liberal arts program.

In the 1970s new programs such as Business Administration, Special Education, Recreation, Meteorology, Human Services, and Physical Education.They had expanded a degree program where people could get a master’s degree because they had seen a need for local teachers and now they have expanded it to having special education teaching as well. In the 1980s and 1990s they had built in the pool and expanded the Library Academic Center by adding additional classrooms to it.

In the 21st century they expanded it even more by adding classes and services to evenings and weekends. In 2005, the residence hall Rita Bole was added in memory of the first president and her legacy. Also in 2009, they added  the Academic Student and Activity Center (ASAC) that has three more academic programs in it and they added additional computer labs which had increased the enrollment.

With these additions Lyndon has become a bigger part of the Vermont State College System.