New Duties For RAs

By: Matthew Seaver, Web Editor

The Resident Assistants (RA) have been unlocking your door for you since day one. Now they have a few more responsibilities than they have in the past.

This year RAs are also helping you find your way around campus, get parking passes and get new ID cards at the help desk in ASAC.

This change has come after a smaller than anticipated freshman class came in. This has left the Whitelaw residence hall nearly empty and some RAs without residents.

Student Life did not want to void the contracts they had with the students who had been given these RA positions so they made a compromise. By working 3 hours a week at the help desk, student life was able to honor every RA contract.

Lower enrollment is not a new issue for Lyndon. Traditionally enrollment fluctuates a bit from year to year. This year’s freshman class is significantly smaller than previous years. With lower enrollment means less need for RAs.

There is a chance that there will be less RA positions in the future unless more students decide to attend.